Audio+Visual Communications Lighting Climate Control Security


Home Theater

  • Dedicated Home Theaters
  • Media Rooms and Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Family Rooms and Great Rooms
  • Master Bedrooms and Master Suites
  • Bedrooms, Guest Rooms and Specialty Rooms
  • Home Offices

Video Everywhere

  • Housewide distribution of High Definition Cable TV, DirecTV and DVR / TIVO (Tapeless Recording)
  • Housewide distribution of media servers for your DVDs, your photos, your videos, etc.
  • Housewide distribution of cameras, points of entry, BabyCams, etc.

Music Everywhere

  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • Room-to-room foreground or background sound
  • Landscape and exterior sound
  • Underwater sound for swimming and lap pools

Ease of Operation

  • Touchpanel Graphic User Interfaces, created for each space
  • A variety of controllers, wired and wireless. Includes touchpanels, wall button controllers, waterproof button controllers
  • Biometric and proximity control based on each individual user