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Seamless entertainment was the major theme and design throughout this project. Issues of entertainment control, lighting control and climate control became a prerequisite in addressing the clients’ requests. Full control of the home from virtually all locations of the house is easily accessible. Simple, intuitive control was paramount.

The Equipment Room had special considerations since the space was originally intended as a loft for guests. The Theater area was originally a wine cellar. Major plumbing, electrical, HVAC construction and accoustic issues became apparent.

Resolving the issues with the Equipment Room required extensive electrical upgrades, the relocation of plumbing and HVAC ducting (including a dedicated climate control system to maintain proper temperature year round. A final solution to the Equipment Room was physically raising the ceiling two feet to accommodate a proper fit for the equipment racks. The Theater floor needed to be completely rebuilt because it was the acoustic version of a kettledrum. Wall and ceiling treatments were also installed to “tame” this room.