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After one and a half years of major construction and the addition of a new wing on the house, this great new space is now complete! The clean, elegant style throughout the home is continued into the theater. Using a Snap-Tek wall fabric system and oversized custom doors made of Afromosia wood, the room reflects the modern, sophisticated look of the rest of the home. Rich carpeting, comfortable theater recliners and dramatic lighting make this a warm and inviting space to enjoy movies in ultimate comfort and privacy.

Until recently, if you wanted to watch a movie without visible bars at the top and bottom of the screen, you would need to go to a commercial theater. Cinemascope has to be projected on a very wide screen. Now, using special projectors, lenses and video processors, we can provide Filmscreens in a Cinemascope size. The screen in this theater is 10 feet wide and curved so every viewer in the room gets equal picture brightness. There are never black bars on this screen! In fact, the image on the screen (in the picture above) is the actual projected image from a Blu-Ray DVD. The video quality absolutely pops!

The screen has motorized black panels made of Velux velour which automatically retract on each side when viewing regular TV or HDTV (which is much narrower than movies). No matter what you’re watching, the image fits the screen. We’ve been installing video since 1981 and this is the best picture to date! 

Audio was of equal importance - beginning with sound control. Specialized acoustic construction, with 8 inches of different acoustic materials behind the fabric surface of the walls, creates a perfect environment for full, rich sound. The huge door has a mechanism that seals around the door when closed. Every light or device in the ceiling had its own air sealed enclosure built around it. Anywhere air can leak out, sound can leak out - so this room is sealed like a drum. It’s a painstaking process with tremendous detail involved and unrivaled results.

Once the room was correct, we employed a 7.1 Channel THX Ultra II Surround Sound System with 9 speakers and 1300 watts of power. There is plenty of dynamic range for even the most aggressive movie soundtracks. Every source component in the equipment rack is Hi-Definition. We have HD-DVD, Blu-Ray Disc DVD, XBOX 360 and DirecTV HD with DVR recording. The combination of the picture and sound makes this room exceptional. 

The theater recliners in the room are all motorized as well, and can be operated by remote control. The touchpanel has a page that controls each or all seats to recline or close. When the system is turned off, all seats return to their closed position. The touchpanel controls all Audio+Video functions. It handles room heating and cooling and all lighting, both individual lights and one-touch scenes. The whole family can easily use all of the systems in the room. They are extremely pleased with the results and use their new theater regularly.

This room was given the Level V, Bronze Award in the 2007 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers Awards.